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Personalized Medicine and Genetic Technology
Genomic Technology or what is more popularly known as Personalize Medicine is the personalization of healthcare, with decisions and practices that are tailored to an individual patient. This involves the process of the use of genetic technology or other gathering of information of an individual patient’s preventative and therapeutic care. After more than a decade the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health received a decade of research which was gathered from the Genome Project, (2003). Under this project the ...view middle of the document...

The scientist’s using new technology determined, the genetic makeup of close to 1,000 local Biobank patients. With this information they found there is a transformation of information in genetic heritage for individuals down to the ethnicity of the patient. These findings clearly show that using population label or group labeling to figure out preventive care or risk assessment isn’t enough. The risk involved in personalize medicine is litigations and or the liability issue. This means it puts most the risk on the Physicians, and that’s because of the lack of knowledge of legal defenses and training. There has already been law suits filed against Doctor’s for not using personalized medicine. Other problems healthcare providers, healthcare associations and legislators will have are the laws governing personalized medicine and how to implement them. Healthcare discrimination and providing other uses:
o Risk prediction
o Providing education
o Funding

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