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Personality Evaluation Paper
Maria Lopez
Regent University

Personality traits describe the frequency or intensity of a person’s feelings, thoughts, or behaviors, so possession of these traits can be thought of as a matter of degree. The Purpose of the IPIP-NEO is to educate the public about the five factor model of personality, the report explains the likely consequences of one's standing on five broad personality domains, this inventory estimates your standing on the 5 broad domains and 30 sub domains of personality, and the report is designed to be objective, not pleasing or flattering (Johnson, 2013).
I was not overly excited to take this personality questionnaire. I have done several of these types of questionnaires over the ...view middle of the document...

I am usually an extraverted person and with the questions that I answered it showed that I am introverted, reserved and quiet. I was surprised, but with what I have been going through I have not been as social as I generally am. The other portion that surprised me was the fact that this showed that I am not concerned with others’ needs only my own and people see me as critical and uncompromising. I have always gone out of my way to help others who are in need and have always put myself on the back burner. I am wondering if I answered these questions because of my health. I also scored very high on neuroticism. This too I believe is because what I have been going through with my health.
This assessment was well put together and easy to follow. I was impressed how the same question was asked, but in a different was each time. The one criticism that I do have would be with the report. I found the report hard to read and understand. While they tried to explain what all of the numbers meant I believe that a key guide would have been a good idea in this case. I also would have liked for the explanation of how I scored to be first instead of last.
I would be interested in taking this again in a year to see if I have the same results. I do feel this assessment was correct at the time I took it, but also believe that it does not show how I really am as a person and what I really feel. While I find that this can be a good tool to use as a guide I do not believe they should be solely relied on.

Johnson, Dr. J. A. (2013). Short Form for the IPIP-NEO
(International Personality Item Pool Representation of the NEO PI-R™). Retrieved from

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