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Personality Development Essay

974 words - 4 pages

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English Guide (1st Grade)

Comparative & Superlative Adjectives

Name: ___________________________________________________________________

I Write the opposite of:

1. Cold 11. Weak
2. Tall 12. Poor
3. Long 13. Silly
4. Pretty ...view middle of the document...

English – easy – Japanese


III Make comparative sentences. (Long Adjectives)

1. Santiago – modern – Antofagasta


2. Viña del Mar – beautiful – Iquique


3. Football – popular – baseball


4. A movie – interesting – a book


5. English – Important – French


6. A Jaguar – expensive – A fiat


7. Monkeys – intelligent – cats


8. Marta – attractive – her sister


9. Ronaldo – famous – Pinilla


IV Make comparative sentences. (Long/ short adjectives)

1. Tom – tall – Jerry


2. Europe – small – Asia


3. Vegetables – good – sweets


4. English classes – interesting – Chemistry


5. Gold – precious – silver


6. Arica – far – Atacama


7. A car – expensive – a bike


V. Reading.
a) Read the following article and then answer the questions about the CD_ROM and the books.

Incredible, but True!!

All the information in the enormous Britanic Encyclopaedia now comes on one small disk. Which do you prefer – the CR-ROM or the set of 30 books? Let’s compare them.
The CD-ROM is smaller and higher than the books and it is cheaper. We think it’s more interesting, too, because it has video and sound – you can hear animals, musical instruments and famous pople talking. So if you think the 30 books are good, we think the CD-ROM is better!.


b) Answer the questions.

1. Which is heavier?


2. Which of the articles is more boring?


3. Are the books bigger than the CD-ROM?


4. Is the CD-ROM more expensive than the books?


VI. Look at these pictures and compare...

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