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Personal Vision And Mission Essay

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Q1: Briefly, explain your personal vision and mission.
In my vision, I enclosed a picture of myself in the future that I really want to be. My vision is a long term perspective. It’s included all elements related to my life, career and contribution because all of them are beyond important to me. Here’s the Vision Statement I cerates alike:
“I must built a simple family with a career and strong financial resources while helping others Muslim brothers who need helps”
The three most important things I make priorities which are as follows:
* Have a simple family included wife and children.
* Have a strengthen economy with a stable career.
* Big help towards Islam and other people.

In my mission, creating the action goals that should be done in achieve my three visions. First of my vision, I need to learn and be fully prepared before getting a married. ...view middle of the document...

Doing a personal SWOT analysis for those requires both external and internal environment scanning. 
The part of internal environment scan is more to strength and weaknesses of individual like my skills, experience, qualification, knowledge, resources etc. For career plan, determining the strength and weakness help me to ensure where industry should I choose and focus.
In my personal strengths, for example, I am a person, who qualified in a degree of accounting, and I am awareness about accounting knowledge. Besides, I have the ability to understand the rules, the confidence to play as a team member, the strength to carry out the instructions and the ability to learn.
In conversely, my personal weaknesses are more to a negative feeling and attitude that I should be avoided. I am very sensitive over the feelings. When something is not going to happen as planned, it would head me to a negative thinking and lack of decision.
The part of my external environment scan is more to external opportunities and treats. The opportunity from outside like current demand of skills required and skills necessary in the future help me in improving my career. That is a lot of chance for me if the skills offers are compatible with my skills and ability.
While, the treats come is most to an impact of time pressure on lifestyle. Having to combine a paid job with taking care of family, keeping up with hobbies and making up with routine task can result frustration due to a lack of time. Being too busy to do things well can also give rise to a sense of dissatisfaction of life.

Q3: Discuss relevant strategies that may help you achieve your personal vision and mission.
In order to achieve personal vision and mission, I have created some strategies to help and guide me close to them. The relevant strategies are as follows:
Using TOWS Matrix to matching between both external opportunities and treats with both internal strength and weaknesses.
Using differentiation strategy, which provide unique and superior value from other employee to employer in term of personal service quality.

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