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Personal Values And Ethical Standards Essay

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards
Nanette Chambers
April 30, 2012
Theresa Y. Edwards
Personal Values and Ethical Standards
In the business of substance abuse counseling is not easy. Counselors deal with putting people’s lives back together so that they may enter back into a productive world. However, before this takes place in understanding the development behavior in why it has come to this and how ethical principles can help others to turn their lives around in a positive way. Focusing on what is right or wrong is not the issue; it is about putting life in perspective. In using the ethical way in developing a way in teaching clients to incorporate these ethics in ...view middle of the document...

Clients need to have strong work ethics as well. This means to have ethics and able to set the standards in the way I work and using good ideals and good judgment in a positive manner of working. Even, when I am not in the best of health or believing I will try to do my best when concerning to my work ethics.
What really made me to start shaping my values more in to perspective was being able to think outside the box and take a good look at what my values are important to me as an individual. What I observed from the recovery home for women at the Hill Shelter in here in Los Angeles area. This situation was not out of my comfort zone because I can relate to these circumstances. I to use to live in a shelter with my daughter trying to start over in bring back the values that were in still in me. These memories and events that take me back along ways are still fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. The criteria and decision-making factor that I use today to revise can be necessary working as a professional in human services. This is about ones reasoning power and how we follow our gut feelings and intuition in stressful situations while working on the job. It recaps steps that should be followed as a checking point for managers and other professionals. It teaches us to look at situations in ethical well thought out manners by following policy and procedures. In ethical decision making it is important for us to following the known checkpoints to insure that we have gathered all necessary information.
There are many factors that influence ethical decision making. The five levels of ethical thinking are intuition, rules and codes, principles and theories, personal values and beliefs and taking action. When focusing on making ethical decisions in difficult situations, by using specific steps of evaluation of the dilemma that occur on with me on the job. When group is in session we are engage in personal feels what space a client is in and how we work problems out without having to use drugs or alcohol to fix our problems. On this particular day group was in session and one of the clients came in late and started focusing on the clinician in what she was saying and the client disagreed in the subject and became very irritated and began to cuss at the clinician and disrupted the whole class and everyone became out of focus and I was put on the spot. My first reaction was to tell her “bitch” sit your behind down but I knew I could not say that so I stop and got my thoughts together and looked at her and said to the client could you please have a seat and talk about what is wrong and how the clinician and client could resolve the matter in a professional manner and they did. I as clinician works with her on people skills which she have none and always being so offensive when someone said something. Clients feel that when others are talking about them but that is not so this is call insecurities within the client.
So to work with this...

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