Personal Use Of Company Resources Essay

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Personal Use of Company Resources

Karen M. Boozer

Baker College Center for Graduate Studies

July 12, 2011


Everyone, at one time or another, has used company resources for personal usage. Considering all the time that people spend at a desk it is almost inevitable that this will happen. The important thing is to make sure that the usage is not abusive nor against company policy. Research suggests that people either very diligent about excessive usage or very abusive of company policies. The line between the two can be a very fine one but determining what constitutes excessive will always seem to be controversial.

Personal Use of Company Resources
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(, 2010) Research shows that this written policy is very rare in the way that lists the ways that employees are allowed to use the company resources down to spelling out long distance phone usage, copier paper and toner. Another example would be the State of Texas’ Workforce Center (TWC) and the policy that they have listed where all actual office machines including computers and fax machines are to be only used for official purposes. TWC does also qualify that it is allowable to use the internet briefly and occasionally to check personal e-mail and to surf the internet. Their policy goes on to define excessive as interfering with job function, responsiveness or the ability to perform job activities. (TWC, 2011)
A company called Cyclope-Series has monitored studied 200 employees internet usage from June 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009 with the results showing more usage than what was expected. The following are some of the statistics from the employees during normal working hours (, 2010):
* Personal e-mail checking up to 5 times per day
* 24% spend more than 1 hour per day on social networks while Facebook is the most popular site with 90% of employees logging in periodically
* 90% exceed lunch break
* Activity starts on average 30 minutes after computer start up.
Abuse of company resources does not only apply to internet usage but there is a large number of employees that commit expense account and travel fraud. This is one of the most common types of white-collar crime that drains billions of dollars from corporations each year. Companies have a tendency to leave the door open when writing policies because they are trying to meet audit and tax law requirements. It is easy for an employee to fudge on their mileage when submitting for reimbursement because while beginning and ending mileage has to be listed there is no way for the company to verify that without looking at the odometer on the employee’s personal vehicle. There are several other ways for employees to perpetrate fraud in relation to expenses for example saying that a more expensive hotel was used in actuality the hotel was lower in cost. Another example is booking a flight for first class “because there were no coach seats available” and then exchanging for a coach ticket and pocketing the difference. (, 2011) There are many other types of fraud related to expense accounts and they basically...

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