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Personal Statement Essay

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It has always been my childhood dream to attain the highest education possible. Unfortunately, this dream has eluded me several times due to reasons beyond my control. Despite all the elusions and roadblocks I experienced on my journey to fulfill this dream, my determination and desire has never faltered. This is because I kept my eyes opened and focused on future.
My parents separated when I was in 10th grade and things became very ...view middle of the document...

Consider the the government does not have any program, such as welfare or food stamp assistance; there are practically no laws against child labor. Relatively speaking people have to do whatever necessary to survive and there is little the government could do to prevent it. When I finished high school I worked as an account clerk before I traveled to Canada.
I spent almost 10 years in Canada working as factory worker in the Aluminum Industry. It was difficult for me to go to school because I had to work to support my aging mother and other younger siblings in school in my country. Despite the fact that I liked the job, learn how to operate various machineries, getting promoted rapidly up to the supervisory level, getting huge yearly raises, I still kept reminding myself that this is not a place I wanted to be. So I remained focused on the future by constantly reminding myself that I needed to go back to school.
When I left Canada for Unites State in 2001, I did not want to repeat the same mistakes I made in Canada. Therefore, I decided to enroll in college and get my degree before seeking for job. I got my bachelor’s degree in less than three years. Although it took me a longer time after finishing my high school to get my undergraduate degree, I considered it one of my greatest achievements in life. I paid for my college tuition with money I had saved while working in Canada. I ultimately proceeded to earn my MBA degree in Finance after realizing how well I did during my undergraduate studies. I decided to take a break from school to work to support my newly family. Even though I got married and have two children, my desire to go back to school to attain the highest possible degree has always been on my mind.
My educational background helped greatly in my first position as an Investment Accountant with PFPC Worldwide Inc. right after college and subsequently as a Trader with Bank of America. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and MBA in Finance did not only give me better understanding of how the financial markets operate, but also helped me to execute every project I worked on...

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