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Personal Responsibility And College Success Essay

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Personal Responsibility and College Success
Erin A. Miller
December 4, 2011
Aminah Brelvi

Personal Responsibility and College Success
It is my belief that the correlation between personal responsibility and college success encompass all areas of my life. Even though teachers are there to teach me, implementing my personal responsibility values will ensure my college success by using solid time management strategies, identifying my goals, and managing my stress.
Definition of Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility, to me, means being aware of my commitments, knowing what my resources are to follow through with those commitments, understanding my ...view middle of the document...

When determining what will land on my calendar, I fall back on a pivotal piece of information gained through my reading of Seven Coveys’ 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey states, “he was persuaded that the essence of the best thinking in the area of time management could be captured in a single phrase: Organize and execute around priorities” (Covey, 1989, p.150). I also took away a great deal from Coveys’ fourth generation time management model in which he characterizes “time management” as a misnomer, but rather an exercise in managing ourselves, not our time (p. 150). Meaning that as individuals we are investing in good relationships and accomplishing results. Covey’s time management matrix is really looking at the areas people are spending their time in and quantifying that time into one of four ways. According to this matrix people are in one of four quadrants: urgent and important, not urgent and important, urgent and not important, or not urgent and not important. The most effective people spend most of their time in the not urgent but important quadrant, which encompasses activities such as prevention, relationship building, recognizing new opportunities, planning, and recreation. These same people spend a minimal amount of time in the urgent and important quadrant doing things like dealing with crisis, pressing deadlines, and deadline driven projects (p. 150-155). My last area of managing my time well will encompass areas of stress management, so I can be the most productive with the most amount of my time.
As a non-traditional student and single parent of two kids, I knew I needed to spend some time problem solving how I will effectively manage my stress to maintain happy and healthy relationships. A study in Academy of Educational Leadership Journal stated, “Non-traditional students are presented with stressful situations more often during their higher education endeavors because of their work, social, and domestic situations along with additional time constraints and less involvement in the campus life. They would seem to be squeezed for time because of the responsibilities associated with work and family” (Forbus, Newbold, & Mehta, 2011, p. 121). Most of the ideas I have incorporated in stress management revolve around health (mental and physical) and scheduled recreation time with my kids and other important people in my life. I am setting aside time to be present for my kids and their needs without thinking about school or work or anything but them. Making time in my schedule for this will greatly reduce my stress and my worries about being a good parent. I am also scheduling regular exercise as this gives my brain and body and opportunity to...

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