Personal Responsibility Essay

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Personal Responsibility Essay

Accountability and responsibility are sometimes synonymous with each other. In the aspect of being personally responsible is having the primary obligation to something and directly being the cause of triumph or the cause of failure. Even though life events are sometimes out of your control, self accountability is critical when you need to hold a certain level of responsibility because you alone are in control of your life. A technique to control what goes on in your life, and in your day to day routine is to have a schedule or a method to manage time. In academic writing it is important to use to current and valid sources to support ideas or concepts. In ...view middle of the document...

Often, it is easier to shun responsibility during adversity by merely saying “it wasn’t my fault”. Perseverance means to stay the course regarding a specific action despite its difficulties. Responsibility is also knowing that you are in control of your own decisions in life. Sometimes we may make a poor choice in which we have to atone for our mistake; especially if we want to learn from that mistake. Furthermore having perseverance through adversity would allow you to stay the course, acknowledge and understand your mistake, then move forward.

One way to have a good level of responsibility would be to have effective time management skills. In an article from Princeton Universtiy it speaks of ways to effectively manage time by doing the bulk of the studying during weekday hours and not in the evening. It is important that when managing time that we don’t put important things off until the end of the day, or schedule them at times when we are more likely to get distracted by other activities or other people. Managing time is a developed skill, something acquired academically through good study habits. The most important study habit would be “Underline just enough to make important points stand out. If there are several points made serially, mark them in the margin 1, 2, 3, or a, b, c. Do not underline excessively. You may want to put key words, phrases, or questions in the margin of the book” (Princeton University). Taking notes and highlighting important details make sure that you remember information. Its important not to highlight too much because your only looking for the important information, suddenly if large blocks become highlighted it takes away from the process because you have to search the whole highlighted paragraph instead of one or two important lines. Additionally, by effectively managing time we can improve our ‘quality of life’. By plotting our our day we can maximize our free time and increase our ‘quality of life’ by having more time to do enjoyable leisure activities.

Academically speaking, in order to be ethical and responsible It is important that we review our sources of information to ensure that they are legitimate and not slanted in any one direction. Trusted sources will most likely come from websites with the domain of .edu, though valuable sources can be found elsewhere. Some useful sources that have wealth’s of information on almost every subject would be encyclopedia’s such as Webster or Britannica. When evaluating sources one of the first things to check would be the...

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Personal Responsibility Essay

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