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Personal Prejudices And Biases Essay

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Personal Predjuges and Biases

One personal bias I have would be in relationship to some of the beliefs of the Mormons. Although I infrequently come in contact with individuals of this belief, I have had some exposure to them in my work history and have done some reading about their beliefs.
In less than 70 years, the number of Mormons has grown from less than a million to more than 6 million in the United States and 14 million worldwide. Their visibility and influence at all levels and walks of life have increased accordingly (Bohlen et al., 2010). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), reflects the cultural impact of basic beliefs and ...view middle of the document...

There is a “Law of Chastity” that is a tradition upheld by Latter Day Saints.  This law calls for no sex if not wed, keep one’s thoughts “clean”, dress modestly, avoid pornography and do not be in a homosexual/lesbian relationship.  A special kind of underwear is to be worn at all times except when it is being washed as well.  It is believed this underwear will help the person be protected from the temptations of immoral sexual behavior.
Mormons believe that the body is a temple and that it encases a person’s spirit, therefore they dress in a modest fashion in order to protect this spirit. Items that are not supposed to be worn are short shorts, tight pants, off the shoulder, sleeveless, backless, strapless or low cut clothing.  Shorts, skirts, and dresses must go down at least to the knee and have no slits above the knee so as to not draw attention to one’s self, but to serve its purpose of housing a person’s spirit and saving them from immoral behavior. Along with dressing modestly, Mormon’s believe that being neat and clean is of the utmost importance.  Men should have no piercings and women are only allowed to have two ear piercings per ear.  There should be no piercings anywhere else on the body either.  Tattoos are not allowed anywhere on the body as well. Men should be clean shaven.
The family body is an integral part of the Mormon culture.  To achieve this family unit marriage is needed.  The father’s job is to provide, protect, and be in charge of the rest of the family. The mother on the other hand is the nurturer. She should be a stay at home mom and devote herself to raising her children.
When it comes to relationships Mormon’s take things with great commitment.  Children are not allowed to date until they are 16 years old and then it is only with the intent to meet the person that they are going to marry. One needs marriage in order to achieve his/her greatest potential spiritually.  Men and women must thus learn to control and channel sexual desires into divinely approved directions in order to live a godlike life ("Mormon Principles," 2011).
Many of the practices and beliefs of the Mormons conflict with my personal beliefs on freedom of choice. I believe as we become adults, we should have the liberty to make our own decisions on the kind of clothing we wear, the age that we choose to marry, and whether or not we choose to work outside of the home when we have children. I think the husband and wife should have equal say in family decisions and therefore I would have difficulty with the father being “in charge” of the family. The “Law of Chastity” sounds like a form of brain-washing to me and therefore I could not endorse the restrictions.
Becoming aware of personal prejudices and biases plays a role in developing your own cultural competence
The healthcare provider’s self-awareness of their own cultural identities is as fundamental to practice as the...

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