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Personal Plan For Role Transition From Lpn To Rn

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Personal Plan for Role Transition from LPN to RN

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Personal Plan for Role Transition from LPN to RN
Being a Licensed Practical Nurse for three years was extremely exciting and rewarding for me. I have enjoyed being a caregiver to those who are sick. Nursing is regarded as a respected and admired profession. I’ve always admired and looked up to nurses. Registered Nurses is in need in every field of medicine. They can choose to work in various fields of medicine and are able to work in specialized areas of the hospital such as the Emergency Room, Operation Room, Critical Care Unit, and Intensive Care Unit. Last year, I decided to ...view middle of the document...

2. I will improve therapeutic relationships on a professional level by end of this program. Therapeutic communication is very important to promote and establish a constructive relationship between the nurse and the client. Empathy is a representative technique, which is very important to establish therapeutic relationship with client. I will imagine myself in my patient’s situation, especially regarding the pain they are experiencing. I will practice empathy in current job and my upcoming clinical in nursing program. It will take time to learn this skill. I will use gentle soft approach to facilities the development of therapeutic relationships easily. By the end of this program if patient expresses and share their feeling, emotions & concerns with me, I hope I am able to develop therapeutic relationship with my patient.
3. I will enhance leadership skills by the end of 2014. In order for my career to grow as a successful RN, I must demonstrate effective leadership skills. As a leader, I prioritize the tasks, do the most urgent and important things first. I will focus on the objectives that need to be attained as a leader. As a proactive team member, I will develop a plan and strategy to achieve the objectives. I will inspire team members, and build trust and rapport with other team members to earn the respect of the team. These great relationships contribute to the productivity of the teams. I will meet evaluation criteria by the end of 2014, if I am able to work efficiently as a leader...

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