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Personal Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Personal Philosophy of Education

My personal philosophy of education and, indispensable goal for my future classroom is that all students need to have freedom for expression and creativity. Students should be able to find their own strengths and weaknesses, in terms of their social, emotional, intellectual and physical development and skills. While it is known that all children have the option to be competent within their learning and development, I believe the purpose of education within this framework is for teachers to guide their students with an intention of creating ...view middle of the document...

I will draw upon the beliefs of four theorists: A.S Neill, John Locke, John Dewey and finally Jean-Jacques Rousseau to complement and justify my personal philosophy, while I will use B.F. Skinner and Freire’s beliefs to oppose my opinion.

Aim of Education
I believe the aim of education to be a learning tool where students can learn not only about curricular subjects, but themselves. With the aid of teachers, students should too be able to learn about life, and the world around them, and thus become the best people they can be. I believe education is not only found in a classroom setting, rather education is everywhere. You learn something from every incident you are exposed to, to every experience you have and every person you meet. With that in mind the overall purpose of education is; fundamentally learning right from wrong, but emotionally it is to bring profoundness to ones expression and to ultimately broaden ones perspectives in becoming a unique and successful individual. My personal philosophy is that all children need to have freedom for expression and creativity. I want students to freely learn both aspects of fundamental curriculum, and personal awareness, that way each child can become the individual, they want to be, when they want to be it. This philosophy is important to me simply because I believe it addresses the appropriate elements in becoming a prosperous Australian citizen.

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