Personal Perspective Paper

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Personal Perspective Paper
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Personal Perspective Paper
Having lived for 54 years so far, I’ve had opportunities in my life to make a wide array of decisions, ranging in complexity from what to have for dinner to whether or not I was going to build my own home. Each of the decisions I’ve had to make have employed some level of a graduating decision making process from flipping a coin (often used to decide what to have for dinner) to taking weeks developing a Rational Decision Making ...view middle of the document...

Other statistical tools I use consist of XBar and R Charts, and a Decision Making Matrix, much like the 9 Step model our assignment used this week that I became familiar with quite a few years back when I began working in the Six Sigma world. This matrix is an excellent tool that “evaluates and prioritizes a list of options”, it “first establishes a list of weighted criteria and then evaluates each option against those criteria” (American Society of Quality, n.d.).
The selection of which decision making model one should employ may even require the use of a decision making model itself. Arriving at the correct decision can only be made after some level of thought is put into a process of some sort, and that level is strictly based upon the complexity of the issue at hand. Personally, I prefer that the decisions in life that require me to pull the decision making model right out of my pants pocket.

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