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Personal Perception Of Organized Crime Essay

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Personal Perception of Organized Crime
Natasha Reed
July 18, 2016
Edward Rafailovitc


Personal Perception of Organized Crime

I would describe organized crime as a group of people coming together to organize a crime such as drug trafficking, money laundering, human trafficking, chop shops, identity theft, etc. They do this for money, power, and respect. When people hear organized crime they automatically think drugs, and the Italian Mafia, and New York City; the reason being is because this is how all movies, books, and music entertainers all ways portrayed organized crime as. Organized crime is a threat against all ...view middle of the document...

3). This is exactly what I stated, just worded differently. In my perception and in the reading perception both states that organized crime can be very dangerous, and hard to detect do to the government ties. Cressey (1969) stated that “Organized Crime groups are difficult to identify and harder to scrutinize by virtue of their convert nature; also, the more violent or well organized a group is, the more difficult it is to examine” (pg.3).

In the reading it states that “Media accounts of organized crime can be helpful, but the tendency of journalists to oversimplify the issues and to emphasize the sensational creates problems for criminal justice students who are attempting to understand this phenomenon (Organized Crime, 2016, p.4). In my opinion maybe for back in the day media could confuse criminal justice students about what organized crime is but if you pay attention to the media, social networks it really exposes different organized crime groups and who are behind them. Organized crimes groups are also hate groups, terrorists, who is now using the media, and social networks to execute their crime.

Some characteristics that I think associated with organized crime is that no matter if it’s the Mafia mob, street gangs, or terrorists they have a number of common characteristics. Organized crime groups likes supplying illegal goods, and services in which lots of people...

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