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Personal Healthy Living Plan Essay

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Personal Healthy Living Plan Mildred Martinez
Sound Nutritional Habits
September 25, 2013 | Food Eaten | How Much Eaten |
Breakfast | Cereal | 1 bowl |
Lunch | Rice, | 1 cup |
Dinner | soup | 1serving |
Snacks | Doritos | 1bag |

September 26, 2013 | Food Eaten | How Much Eaten |
Breakfast | Cup Noodles | 1 cup |
Lunch | Sushi | 7 pieces |
Dinner | Yakisoba | 1serving |
Snacks | Almonds | 1 bag |

September 27, 2013 | Food Eaten | How Much Eaten |
Breakfast | Banana | 2 pieces |
Lunch | Kfc Chicken | 2pieces |
Dinner | Milk | 2 Glasses |
Snacks | Sushi | 10 pieces |

Based on what Canada’s Food Guide says is important to eat on a daily basis, I think I should eat more fresh fruits and more servings of vegetables.
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Personally, exercise does not only help me stay fit, but it also develops a handful of skills, not just physically but also mentally. It disciplines to focus on whatever I do, and it also helps me manage my time more wisely.
Emotional Health Management
There are few hassles in your life. Make sure, though, that are not trying so hard to avoid problems that you shy away from challenges.
Stress Test Score: 06
I manage my emotions positively by trying to analyze the situations I am in and thinking about the consequences of my every action or by listening to music while quietly thinking about the situation for a few hours. And sometimes I don’t talk. I just go to my bedroom and meditate and I make it sure when I’m come out from my bedroom I’m very fine, feel good and better.
Positive Health Choices
1. I will increase the amount of vegetables and fruits in my diet to make my eating habits healthier.
2. Exercise, is one pill that treats numerous ills. It can touch so many risk factors for heart disease, including reducing weight, reducing stress, improving blood sugar profiles, bringing down high blood pressure, and lowering total cholesterol, lowering LDL (the "bad" cholesterol), increasing HDL (the "good" cholesterol), and lowering triglycerides in the blood. A previous blog of mine spoke about some of the excuses people give why they won’t exercise.
3. I will try to work on improving my stress level, so that I can be emotionally healthier.
Road Safety – When I start driving on my own, I will prioritize road safety over my personal problems. I’ve decided to do this because I do not want anyone to get affected from my own problems.
Healthy relationships - Speak Up. In a healthy relationship, if something is bothering you, it’s best to talk about it instead of holding it in.

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