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Personal Essay Response

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Describe any personal or economic hardships or barriers you have had to overcome and explain how they affected your education. Be specific about when you encountered these hardships and how long they lasted.
From kindergarten to graduation I attended a private school operated by devout Latter Day Saints. While they did their best to teach from a neutral standpoint, there were subjects that were in direct conflict with their religious views. Science education was extremely limited due to limited resources and conflict with personal ideology. Subjects such as biology and history were covered, but without any depth. Consequently, my math education was a casualty. Early on I heard phrases such ...view middle of the document...

During the previous year she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and it soon became evident that she was not going to recover. My focus changed from school to providing her with care, and when she eventually did pass away in 2009, I dropped out of school. I spent three years battling depression. In 2012 I returned to school and decided to take my chances and enroll in College Algebra. That class and every math class since has been a struggle to catch up on concepts that were taught early on. However each success brought me the realization that my preconception of my mathematical skill was unfounded. Math continues to be a subject that I must work hard in, however it is not the impossible task that I had once believed it to be.

In the context of your life experience, describe your understanding of cultural differences, how this awareness was acquired, and how it affected you.
Though I grew up in a small, predominantly white community, I did not lack exposure to different cultures. A majority of my classmates in school were raised Mormon, and as a result, many of my friends were as well. At a young age I didn’t give religion much thought (later in life I would not identify as religious), but as I grew older I realized that in order to maintain a healthy relationship with my friends, I would have to give their beliefs consideration. At first this meant simple things like planning sleepovers that didn’t fall on Sundays and watching movies rated no higher than PG-13. As I grew older and closer with them, it meant attending a variety of Church sanctioned functions. In particular, I attended a summer camp, ‘Girls Camp’ for 7 years where young women were sent in order to strengthen their Gospel. Although nearly everyone knew I was not a member, they welcomed and befriended me as if I were. I was even given the option not to participate in the more spiritual activities, but their willingness to include me made me...

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