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Personal and Professional Development Handbook (Oman) February 2014
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1 Introduction to the unit 4
2 Overall aims of the unit 4
3 Overview of unit content 4
4 Prerequisite knowledge or skills 4
5 Learning outcomes of the unit in more detail 5
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There will be tasks to complete over the following months and you will find these in your unit BREO site, the University’s virtual learning environment. However we do provide a list of recommended books and websites that will help you develop the skills you need to complete this unit. The following learning resources are available and recommended for studying this unit:
* A BREO website will be available for this unit. This will provide administrative information on the unit such as the dates and content of workshops, exercises and details of your portfolio.
* You will be provided with the downloadable and online learning materials specially developed by the University of Bedfordshire for this unit. The learning content will be accessible and available in BREO.
* The BREO site also provides a means of communication – with your tutor and with other fellow students.
* Although there is no set text, recommended textbooks for this unit will provide a substantial source of learning and improving your knowledge database. However the major communications on the MBA course will occur through BREO using blogs, discussion boards, pod-casts, online activities and presentations.
* The additional learning material will be in the form of journal articles, other chapters from books and websites.
More advice is given about how to get the best out of your studies in later sections of this handbook.
Introduction to the unit
Personal and Professional Development is an integrated coherent and coordinated suite of workshops tailored to suit your needs, help you develop your full potential and manage your career in an international business environment. This unit focuses on aspects of your professional development and personal qualities such as self awareness and transferable academic and career management skills. It is underpinned by the latest research into good practice from UK/World-wide programmes and business protocol. This unit has been mapped to the University of Bedfordshire SOAR (Self-awareness, Opportunity, Aspirations, Results) framework. You will be required to apply these concepts and skills through experiential learning gained through workshop activities, group interaction and presentations.
Through this unit you will prepare a personal profile which you can use on career promotion websites such as LinkedIn, one of the largest online professional networking sites. Overall aims of the unit
After completing this project you should be able to:
* Identify, reflect upon and evidence key areas for your communication skills and personal development
* Facilitate a commitment to continuous professional development
* Develop positive and enquiring approaches towards working across cultures
* Produce the academic and professional skill set required to progress from MBA students into fulfilling careers as expert managers and leaders

Important information:
Although LinkedIn is considered an important and...

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