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Personal Career Goal Paper

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Personal Career Goal Paper
Robert Green
Katia Araujo

Personal Career Goal Paper
When we are children, most of us have big dreams or aspirations to be someone or something big when we are old enough. Perhaps of the most common things we choose range from being a police officer, a doctor, a singer, or in my case- a cashier. However it is not until we hit our adolescence that our perception of what we really want to do drastically changes to sometimes more realistic things like being a hair stylist or dental assistant. Our perceptions change into things that are more reachable for the realization of what we once wanted to be takes much more to get there than initially ...view middle of the document...

Marital therapy is seen as much more beneficial than group therapy for this allows the therapist to specifically help and focus the couple together and separate on their specific issue as opposed to catering to other needs of the group. The article suggests the following themes for marital therapy: restoring trust, improving awareness of issues and emotions, communication, assertiveness, dealing with problems, forgiving, setting boundaries, improving intimacy, and reducing shame (Bird, 2006).
This article makes it clear that no marriage is perfect for there are many things that have the capability of damaging it just like sex addiction. However this article has also made me come to realize that when I am working in this field and in front of many different couples, that I must be prepared for many different problems within their marriage that would normally catch me off-guard. Working as a marriage and family therapist aligns with my professional interests in a different number of ways. Perhaps the most important and very first professional interest is to honor the public trust in marriage and family therapists by setting the standards of ethical practice (AAMFT, 2015). Doing this will then in turn build a trust with every marriage and family therapists' client's. Seeing as to how I would be working directly with clients and assisting them with a wide array of problem and rising issues, it would be in my best professional interest to make a commitment to the AAMFT Code of Ethics and to make every necessary step possible to resolve all conflict in a professional way. Another professional interest that aligns perfectly to working as a marriage and family therapist is that of aspiring core values. Some of my core values being that of: diversity, equality, acceptance, integrity, and having the knowledge of systemic and relational therapies.
Developing skills are usually acquired within physically working in the workplace rather than taught. Based on the information in the article and from the provided readings this week, I can develop my skills by either being taught or physically learned. Some of the basic skills I would learn in school and by being taught would be how to handle certain situations if they ever were to arise. An example of such a situation would be that of a couple getting into a fight during a session. Some things I would learn would be what to do as to how to calm them down by saying certain things and other things that would not be appropriate to say in such a situation. Of course school and reading on such things will give me the initial general knowledge, but it would not be...

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