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Personal And Social Ethics Essay

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1. Had John done anything wrong?
I believe that John has made a potentially harmful choice in this situation, but I also don’t think that it is necessarily wrong. It is obvious that John did his homework and discovered wasta. Wasta is simply “pulling strings, nepotism or using an interceder to obtain benefits or to speed a process – usually in relation to authorities.” While wasta is a normal practice in the Middle East, therefore John was simply taking measures that were not out of custom.
2. Were John’s actions immoral? Unethical? Illegal?
In short I believe that John’s actions were unethical, immoral, but not illegal.
* Unethical - First, I see his actions as unethical. John ...view middle of the document...

The long-term ramifications could go two ways. If the FCPA finds Ace guilty of their bribe, the company could be charged with a penalty up to one million dollars, corporate officers could face a fine of 10,000 dollars and/or a five-year imprisonment. This could further lead to the closing of the company and obviously a drastic loss in market share. If Ace is not found guilty of their bribe, they would potentially grow greedy and partake in more immoral and unethical action. Lastly, if ace is not found guilty, they could go onto dominate market share in the Middle East and move onto other markets.

5. Had Lee Anne done anything wrong?
I believe that Lee Anne’s actions were wrong. Lee Anne was using bribery to coerce Hamish and John into closing a deal by saying “do what it takes” and dangling bonuses in their faces.
6. Were Lee Anne’s actions immoral? Unethical? Illegal?
* Immoral- violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics. Due to her reputation, I believe that Lee Anne’s actions were not immoral. Obviously Lee Anne wanted hard and fast results. She didn’t seem concerned with what is right, rather what brings in the cash. Her bribe does not seem immoral based on her personal convictions.
* Unethical- lacking moral principles; unwilling to adhere to proper rules of conduct. I do believe Lee Anne’s actions were unethical due to the cultural norm of America/the west. Americans are usually less tolerant of bribery.
* Illegal- contrary to or forbidden by official rules, regulations, etc. Lee Anne’s actions are definitely illegal. Bribery constitutes as a crime and can be punishable by law.

7. Should you consider any cultural differences?
Yes, you should consider cultural differences. When doing business in different countries you should see to understand the customs of the respective countries you are working in and with. Various countries have different customs regarding gifts, methods of payments, and even various ways of doing business. For example, in third world countries, gifts signify the beginning of a transaction. John researched and knew the customs of this particular country and offered the caviar as an incentive per normal business transactions.
8. What was Hamish’s role in all of this?
As the European sales manager, Hamish’s role is to manage and assist John as he attempts to land this foreign deal. As a manager he is to take commands from the top and relay the message and call to action to his employees. Also as the manager he is to mediate between the lower level employees with Lee Anne. Hamish received the command from Lee Anne and then passed it...

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