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Personal And Shared Knowledge Essay

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Personal and Shared Knowledge Q and A
1. Personal knowledge depends on what the person himself or herself has felt. You most probably do not want to share personal knowledge as usually it is not meant for others to hear. An example of personal knowledge would be how you feel about something or it may even be the accident that you had a few years ago. Shared knowledge, meanwhile, is the opposite of personal knowledge in the sense that it is knowledge that you ...view middle of the document...

An example of shared knowledge would be how a science paper needs to be processed by a number of people before it can be approved off.
2. An example of how shared knowledge could influence personal knowledge would be science itself. If, for example, our religion states that the sun revolves around the earth, then our perspective will change when we find out that the earth revolves around the sun due to science, which is basically shared knowledge influencing our personal knowledge.
3. An example of how personal knowledge could influence shared knowledge would be people doing their own research to help improve something, like for example, science. People who have done so in the past include Newton, Einstein etc. They all clearly stated what they believed which help science move forward many steps.
4. I feel that a mixture of both personal knowledge and shared knowledge are very important for a person to be successful. Without shared knowledge, our knowledge would be very limited and without personal knowledge, we would just be following what others say like robots. To me, personal knowledge is slightly more important as it gives us the ability to think for ourselves and to see in the world in our own eyes and not in the eyes of other people.

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