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Personal Accomplishment Essay

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My Personal Accomplishment, My Personal Goals

One of my greatest achievements in the field of teaching is accompanying my students every year into a competition where the battle field is to showcase their best skills especially in home economic development. At first, it was very hard as we required to have continues training not just for my students but for me who needs to attend trainings and seminars so I could have additional knowledge and skills to inculcate to my ...view middle of the document...

Another of my most important accomplishment was helping the students to be inspired and achieved their goals through constant studying by heart. In every subject that I am teaching, I see to it that I can give them a one minute inspirational thought so students could be guided to which path they want to go to.

At my six years in teaching profession, I’ve encountered a lot of difficulties during early stages. A simple teaching of general education subject turning out into more complex field of home economics development program which required me to undergo another studies and mastery of skills where at first faced an obstacle of time management and methodology. Those days had thought me and lead me to stand still to where my heart wants to and as a result, it was my students who had benefited and the reflection of it was joining and winning into different competition in showcasing home economics skills.

As a teacher, my goal is not just to teach but to provide a better teaching and learning effectively. I can only do that through constant studying and learning at the same time together with my students. It’s my accomplishment to see them applying what I have thought and it will be very fulfilling on my part to see them to be somebody someday.

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