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Performance Management Essay

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Fda Business Management Year 2
Performance Management

Ian Spruce

An appraisal is a tool which is used by many, if not all, businesses which helps review each employee’s progress and overall job role for the company. The use of an appraisal can help communicate the businesses corporate objectives to the employee explaining what these objectives are, how they affect the business and how the employees can reflect on and enable these objectives to be met. The understanding of these and communication of these goals can be used as an indicator of what individual goals and objectives need to be set for each staff member. The overall intention of an appraisal is to help individuals ...view middle of the document...

The positive intention for appraisals is set up to benefit both the employer and the employee and can be argued that the use of appraisals can be used as a motivational tool in the working environment. The appraisal system has previously been linked to Taylors Scientific Management theory which focused on the idea the employees should be paid for their outcome, the use of appraisals in this situation could help review pay and measure the progress and value of work of the employee. (Taylor, 1911) However this theory implied that employees were only concerned with pay and not other factors that affected how they worked. As job roles and companies have changed over the years, there are now a lot more rewards that employees seek and work for other than the reward of pay; this can be recognised with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of which an appraisal can be recognised to meeting one of the needs in this model of ‘esteem.’ For many people and employees, acknowledgement and praise of their hard work can be just as important to them as getting paid for the job.
The appraisal system is recognised as a good motivator for the reason that in the case of workers achieving and exceeding in their job role, the praise from the employer can motivate the employee to carry on their high level of work and achieve above and beyond. In terms of motivation, an appraisal will often discuss targets and KPIs (key performance indicators) in order to set goals for each employee. Employees will often work harder or more efficiently if there is a goal post for them to reach, which has been noticed from personal experience within the work place. In a sales driven workplace, targets and KPIs are a crucial part of the job that are discussed and set in appraisals that can help the workforce understand and achieve.
The use of an appraisal can represent the communication in a workplace and the engagement within a company. It is believed that high levels of employee engagement and positive discretionary behaviour can be linked to the motivation of employees and their level of work. The positive feedback given in an appraisal could therefore help motivate employees.
In relation to communication within the workplace, for some businesses communication can be a struggle, especially in a larger business to communicate on a one to one basis can often be a struggle. The benefit of an appraisal can mean that the employer and the individual employee can carry out the meeting with privacy and confidentiality; which for some employees and even employers can be of high value to them and enable them to discuss issues which they could possibly not do so in front of other members of the team.

Although the concept and intention of an appraisal is to be of beneficial use to both the employer and employee, not every individual has this opinion and appraisals can be seen as a dreaded procedure.
One of the main problems to be believed is the fact that in most businesses, the appraisal...

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