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Performance Appraisal Essay

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NAME: ___________________________ JOB TITLE: ___________________________
LOCATION: _______________________ DEPARTMENT: _______________________
APPRAISAL PERIOD: FROM: _______ TO: _________________________________
SUPERVISOR: _____________________ DATE PREPARED: _____________________

Use the scale below to evaluate the employee’s performance on each factor. Please read the definitions of the rating scales.
5 = Outstanding4= Exceeds Requirements | 3= Meets Requirements2= Below Requirements | 1= Unsatisfactory |

5= Outstanding | Performance significantly exceeds ...view middle of the document...

Requires excessive supervision. An employee at this level should receive a written warning with specific deficiencies noted and detailed program ad timing for correction developed and communicated to the employee. If corrections are not made, further discipline up to and including termination should be imposed. |

Section I
In order of importance, list the major functions or objectives for the appraisal period. Comment on the results achieved in each of the areas and evaluate performance against job requirements of each. At the end of the section, provide an overall rating of performance in all of these job duties.

MAJOR DUTY / TASK / OBJECTIVE | Comments | Rating |
1 | | |
2 | | |
3 | | |
4 | | |

Overall Rating: Rating

Section II
Evaluate the employee’s performance on each of the factors below and on the next page. Indicate N/A if the factor is no applicable to the employee’s position. Provide comments to support your ratings.

Factors | Comments | Rating |
Job Knowledge Understands methods, procedures and skill in functional areas and is familiar with areas related to work. | | |
Quality of Work Completes work accurately, neatly and with appropriate attention to detail. Employees should have high level of accuracy and take pride on every in work and strive to improve work performance. | | |
Quantity of Work Performs work within acceptable standards of productivity and timeliness for position which has less than error rate on work product. | | |
Initiative Demonstrates resourcefulness and self-reliance in thinking, planning and carrying out tasks. A self-started requiring minimal supervision. Display initiative and enthusiasm during everyday work. | | |
Flexibility Capable in attainting goal in every task given. Performs well under pressure and does not created under pressure for others. Meet deadlines, can adapt to new systems and process well and seeks out training to enhance knowledge, skills and abilities. | | |
Judgment Makes sound, logical business decisions. Shows good judgment in prioritizing...

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