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Perfect X Essay

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The Perfect Modern Dancer

Feet: The person who has amazing beautiful feet is Christina Ricuicci. In order to be able to get on a high releve, you must have flexible feet. Also as a dancer you are able to do more if your muscles in your feet are more flexible.

Back: When you are dancing, you can make beautiful back extensions if you have back flexibility. Makayla Jacmacjian is one dancer who demonstrates the art of having a stretchy back. There are more tricks a dancer can do, and there are back extensions that you can hold better if you develop the proper back muscles.

Hips: Having hip flexibility can benefit a dancer so much because they would be able to do more tricks, and it will make things like leaping, and kicking easier. You would be able to do more stretches than the average dancer can ...view middle of the document...

Face: One of the biggest things about modern dance is being able to tell a story with your face. The dancer wants to portray a message to the audience and one way to do that is to be a story teller and that starts with your facial expressions. Jessica Richens is able to transform her face to express to the audience what to feel.

Arms: Being able to hold your own weight can be beneficial, you are able to do more partner work and be able to do certain gymnast tricks. Having arm muscle is a vital component of modern dancers. Brooke Hyland is a dancer that is able to hold her own weight and has so much control while doing it.

Legs: Having powerful legs is also important because it helps you leap, turn and also being built up correctly will help with having control whenever a dancer plies. Jeanine Mason has powerful legs and is able to jump high and has control of her movement.


Reason for choosing the perfect modern dancer: Modern dance has become a huge part of my life. I began dancing at the age of 3 and I plan to continue while I am in college. Dance is the one thing that truly brings me join and if I were able to become the perfect modern dancer then I know exactly what I would do and what traits I would take from people. It amazes me how different modern dancers have different strengths and turn out to be astonishing and if you were able to put all of these good traits together you would have a phenomenal dancer.

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