Perception And Attribution Theory Essay

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Perception and Attribution Theory
Understanding how people form perceptions and attributions is a necessary skill in order to succeed in communications and long lasting business relationships. In the study of social psychology person perception is defined as the process in which humans form impressions of one another which encompasses the perceptions and judgments people develop every day. A new acquaintance is encountered everyday especially when one works in the business arena and impressions are created due the persons attire, language, body language, and especially how well they communicate. Based on all these characterisis conclusions are drawn even tough not much is known about the other. Learning how people can form perceptions of one another can prevent a ...view middle of the document...

For example when a person answers his cellphone during a meeting with an important client he is automatically perceived as a person who is irresponsible and disrespectful, even though his close friends and coworkers see otherwise. People often try to related behaviors or events to a person’s character.
In the case of Jose Salatino’s company he is deteremined for company success and in his opinion customers relations are of most importance to the company and in order to develop loyal customers he stresses importance of customer relationships with the sales persons. To communicate that to these employees he may be strict and enforce dress code and policy changes in his company. A more rewarding approach would be offering more incentives for better sales and customer satisfaction. To evaluate customer satisfaction her can require that each employee offer a customer satisfaction survey to each customer. He may also provide luncheons, presentations, or meetings educating the importance of business etiquettes and good people skills with all his employees.
In order to communicate the importance to good customers relations Joe should promote his ideas in a way which best stimulates how his employees learn. The populations of Salatinos emplyees are adults whos occupation are in mainly sales. Sales persons on average do not have bachelor degrees. Most salespersons receive on-the-job training and no formal education or testing is required by the company. This population is mostly tailored to the social learning theory with demonstrations and visual aids which are better guides then a formal presentation and traditional class room.
Joe can provide on the job learning experience with a mentor in which an new employees can shadow other employees that have mastered the skills of interpersonal relations. He can also provide visual aids

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