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Perception Essay

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Perception affects communication because people perceive things that are being said how they want to perceive it. One person can take things being said in a different way than how someone else takes it. If things are taken the wrong way, communication can get angry or hurtful.

According to Robbins, perception can be defined as ‘a process by which individuals organise and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment’ (2004, p. 132). Perception is not necessarily based on reality, but is merely a perspective from a particular individual’s view of a situation. In dealing with the concept of organisational behaviour, perception becomes important because ...view middle of the document...

This may result in the negative health outcomes of the patient (organisational ineffectiveness

The concept of the “perception effect” lies at the root of stereotyping. Workers are divided quite often into class lines in the workplace. For example, in a car dealership, there are managers, salesmen and maintenance workers. These are are arranged in a hierarchy where the managers get paid the most, salesmen second, and maintenance third. When a new salesman is introduced to a janitor, a hierarchy immediately is created where sales is “worth more” than maintenance labor. The janitor is seen differently in that role than he would be if he were met at random on the street.
The division of labor is a mode of “perception effect.” If blue collar workers are seen by management as being under-educated and limited in skills, then blue collar workers in the workplace will be treated as people who need close supervision and discipline, while administrative clerks may be treated by the same management as specially trained professionals. A worker in such a factory will not...

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