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People Essay

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Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar English pronunciation: /səˈtʃɪn tɛnˈduːlkər/ ( listen) AM(born 24 April 1973) is an Indian cricketer widely considered to be the greatestbatsman of all time, after Don Bradman. In 2002, just 12 years into his career,Wisden ranked him the second greatest Test batsman of all time, behind Donald Bradman, and the second greatest one-day-international (ODI) batsman of all time, behind Viv Richards.[3] Tendulkar was a part of the 2011 Cricket World Cup winningIndian team in the later part of his career, his first such win in six World Cup appearances for India.[4] He was also the recipient of Player of the Tournament award of ICC World Cup, 2003 held in South Africa.
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Simon Crean, minister in the Australian cabinet, presented the award to Tendulkar.[14] Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister, was on an official visit to New Delhi in October and had announced Tendulkar's name as the latest recipient of the award.
Contents  [hide]  * 1 Early years and personal life * 1.1 Beliefs * 2 Early domestic career * 3 International career * 3.1 Early career * 3.2 Rise through the ranks * 3.3 Captaincy * 3.4 Injuries and apparent decline * 3.5 Return to old form and consistency * 3.6 2007/08 tour of Australia * 3.7 Home series against South Africa * 3.8 Sri Lanka Series * 3.9 Return to form and breaking the record * 3.10 ODI and Test Series against England * 3.11 2009–2010 * 3.12 2011 World Cup and after * 3.12.1 100th international century * 3.12.2 Return To Ranji Trophy (2012) * 4 Indian Premier League and Champions League * 5 Style of play * 6 Controversies * 6.1 Mike Denness incident * 6.2 Ferrari import tax * 7 Fan following * 8 Business interests * 8.1 Commercial endorsements * 9 Political career * 10 Career achievements * 10.1 Individual honours and appreciations * 11 Philanthropy * 12 Biographies * 13 See also * 14 Further reading * 15 Notes * 16 References * 17 External links |
Early years and personal life
Tendulkar was born on 24 April 1973 into a Rajapur Saraswat Brahmin family in Bombay (now Mumbai).[15][16][17] His father Ramesh Tendulkar was a reputed Marathi novelist and his mother Rajni worked in the insurance industry.[18] Ramesh named Tendulkar after his favourite music director, Sachin Dev Burman. Tendulkar has three elder siblings: two half-brothers Nitin and Ajit, and a half-sister Savita. They were Ramesh's children from his first marriage.[19] He spent his formative years in the Sahitya Sahawas Cooperative Housing Society, Bandra (East), Bombay. As a young boy, Tendulkar was considered a bully, and often picked up fights with new children in his school.[20] He also showed an interest in tennis, idolising John McEnroe.[21] To help curb his mischievous and bullying tendencies, Ajit introduced him to cricket in 1984. He introduced the young Sachin to Ramakant Achrekar, a famous cricket coach of Bombay and a club cricketer of repute, at Shivaji Park, Dadar, Bombay.
Achrekar was impressed with Tendulkar's talent and advised him to shift his schooling to Sharadashram Vidyamandir (English) High School,[1] a school at Dadar which had a dominant cricket team and had produced many notable cricketers.[22] Prior to this, Tendulkar had attended the Indian Education Society's New English School in Bandra (East).[22] He was also coached under the guidance of Achrekar at Shivaji Park in the mornings and evenings.[23] Tendulkar would practice for hours on end in the nets. If he became exhausted, Achrekar would put a...

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