Peer Tutoring: Its Effect On The Achievement And Attitude In Physics Of High Scholl Senior Students Of Naval Institute Of Technology

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Peer Tutoring: Its Effect on the
Achievement and Attitude in Physics
Of high School Senior Students of
Naval Institute of Technology


A Thesis
Presented to
the Faculty of the Graduate School
Leyte Normal University
Tacloban City


In Partial Fulfillment
of the Requirements for the Degree
Master of Arts in Teaching (Science)



Minerva E. Sañosa
February 1996


This study attempted to assess the effects of peer tutoring on the achievement in and attitude towards Physics of high school senior students of ...view middle of the document...

With the coefficient correlation, it was revealed that there was a very high correlation between the achievement and attitude of students in the experimental and control groups. Based on the computed t-value, it was shown that the achievement and attitude of students in the experimental group had a higher correlation compared to the control group.

Background and Rationale

Philippines 2000 has for its overall objective an improved quality of life for every Filipino through people empowerment.
Talisayon, in her speech on Physics Education for Philippines 2000, said that people empowerment in science education is improving students and teachers with the knowledge, skills, and values needed for a newly-industrialized country and for international competitiveness. This demands excellence on both students and teachers. [1]
Transmission of knowledge, skills, or competencies always involves instructional methodologies that are ideally at the disposal of the teacher. The choice of each approach, methodology or strategy is highly dependent on the teacher’s definition of learning, teaching, knowledge, and nature of the learner.
It is therefore important that teachers should be aware of the current innovations such as the formulation of sound objectives, use of instructional materials, and teaching strategies.
Teachers have investigated several teaching methods of teaching. Some are convinced that doing so would help them understand individual differences better and thus guide them in improving the teaching of science.
Letter of Instruction No. 522, March 1877, as cited by Ortiz, emphasized the need to continually upgrade the teaching effectiveness of teachers. [2] It was stressed that teachers must assume the responsibility of holding the students in school by seeing to it that they teach effectively and maintain students’ interest at a high level. In other words, teachers must design classroom activities that are dynamic, activities that give emphasis to the active role of the learner. It is important to promote self-activity that makes learning an active process for the teacher cannot learn for the learner.
Aboy stated a common observation that only few students in many instances participate in class recitation. Reasons for non-participation vary: shyness, poor communication skills, unpreparedness and the like. [3]
The 1993 EDCOM report mentioned that the teacher-pupil ratio is not an indication of high performance, especially with the DECS approval of an increase in class sizes from 60-70 at the secondary level. The free secondary education, together with the freeze on the creation of new teacher items, allowed no other alternative to the large enrolments. The House of Education Committee added that the enrolment increase has not been met by a corresponding increase in the number of classrooms. [4]

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