Paulownia Fastest Growing Tree Essay

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VOL. 15 NO. 2 SEPTEMBER 2006

"A Record of Paulownia in the Tertiary of North America" American Journal of Botany 48(2); 175-179 Illus. 1961 Charles J. Smiley Macalester College; St. Paul, Minnesota Reviewed by Ralph Donaldson

First, the writer is incompetent as a reviewer of a juried paper on paleobotany in a scientific journal. He is neither paleontologist nor botanist. He is a farmer. The language of the paper being reviewed is alien to him. This attempt is to extract some bits of information that may be of use to growers, promoters, and protectors of Paulownia. First, some definitions. Pre-history has been divided ...view middle of the document...

, was moving around. The shape of the tissue, even minute vein structure, is preserved this way. The fossilized preservation is precise enough for exact botanical identification to be made, even millions of years after the sediment is laid down. In this February 1961, article in the American Journal of Botany, Charles J. Smiley
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President’s Message. . .
Hello Members and Friends, This issue finds the growing season nearing an end as we prepare for the dormant season. Actually, there is activity in the Association in preparing for the Spring meeting. The Board of Directors had a meeting in early September at Wytheville, Virginia doing business of the Association. This is the occasion where input from members and other sources are built into the future deliberations and operations. Our major task is to plan for the Spring meeting. We had our first Spring meeting in South Carolina last year and it was a huge success due to Ralph, Grady, and Buck. It also seems like our new corporate format is working well with the organization headquarters at Hagerstown with Past President Danny and Secretary-Treasurer Sharon continuing their excellent support. We think you'll find some very interesting news in this issue, and we pledge to continue searching for the best information to inform members and make their jobs more interesting and rewarding. I've been giving talks and writing about my branding initiative, projecting Paulownia as the "wonder wood". More will be in a later issue. Have a good Fall and Winter. Thanks for your membership, cooperation, and support. Vince Luchsinger

Let The Buyer Beware
Once before in this newsletter, I wrote about the importance of considering the source of information as well as being generally critical of the vast amount of Paulownia information available. Because it is so easy to widely disseminate information instantly these days, anybody can do it. And that makes it critically important to evaluate the source of the information in judging its credibility. It is a "buyer beware" world, and the Paulownia business is no different. Before you hire someone, it is prudent to check references-more than one or two, and beyond those offered by the applicant. Before you rent to someone, it is prudent to check references-more than one or two, and beyond those offered by the applicant. Before you put your life savings into someone's hands, is it not prudent to check references-more than one or two, and beyond those offered by that person? This is so very important.

Are Paulownia trees "chinchillas without fur" or "emus without feathers?" They have been called that, and you know they can be if you permit an unscrupulous person or company to take advantage of you. It depends in large part on the truthfulness and integrity of the person or company you are dealing with. Chinchillas and emus enriched a few people who got in quick, sold a lot of breeding stock, and got out quickly, before their...

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