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Patient Portal Essay

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Executive Summary
Patient Portal for KRMC
Yvonne Larson
August 15, 2014

Part 1
Topic Research & Selection
Part 2
Literature review
Introduction to organization
Overview of nature of organization
Identify stakeholders in organization
Organizational culture
Analysis tools used to perform assessment
Assessment needs to contain measurement and benchmarks
Tables and graphs to demonstrate findings
Risk Analysis
Identify risks or challenges will be identified as results of organizational assessment
Can project be undertaken within boundaries of state and federal regulation?
Are there any potential stark or anti-kickback concerns
Are there resources ...view middle of the document...

The biggest one is the security of the portal. HIPAA regulations are the biggest issue when it comes to patient records that are involved. The healthcare provider needs to take care with the login and other security measures to guard against the unauthorized intruders into the patients records. When reasonable care is taken the organization has met its responsibility. An example of this is, if the account login is given to the patient and the patient does not take proper care to protect these documents, the provider is not at fault as long as reasonable care was taken when in the care of the staff (Venditto, 2013).
HIPAA’s right to access states that the patients are entitled to their designated rescore set, which includes the medical and billing records. But HIPAA also permits that entity the right to deny access to those records that they may likely to endanger life or physical safety of said patient (Venditto, 2014).
This web site gives the basic break down of what is in the patient portal. Some of these patient portals also include scheduling non-emergency appointments, check benefits and coverage, download and complete forms, request prescription refills and exchange email with their health care team. This is just a few of the things on the site (“What is a patient portal?” n.d.)
This web site is one of several software’s that are available that can be used by the Medical Center to use so that the patient has access to test results, make appointments and so on (“Completely Committed to”, 2014).
Kingman Regional Medical Center [KRMC] is the hospital and medical center that is used in my area. It is a Not-for-Profit facility and is also a teaching facility. KRMC has added to their web site the Patient Portal; this has been added in the last few months (KRMC, 2014).
The paper on The Impact of Electronic Patient Portals on Patient care is very thorough on the controlled trials. The patient portals consist of the provider tethered application that allow patients to have electronic access to their health care information. Even though patient portals have been around since 2004 they are coming into use in the last few years. A lot of the providers didn’t use them for their patients but they weren’t available to all patients due in fact to having no internet at home (Ammenwerth, Schnell-Inderst & Hoerbst, 2012).
This paper explains how it only allows access to a portion of the medical record for the patient, which the clinical notes are not included in the portals for the patient to have access to. The portals are mainly for the patient to schedule of appointments, have their medicine refilled and to view lab results and to also communicate with the physician (Ouellette, 2013).
This paper is about the portal and data security when the patient has access to the portal. There are a majority of people that have not plunged into the patient portal and this is new to the patient (Moore, 2012).
Introduction to organization
Overview of...

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