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Passport to Class: Name___ ________ Foundations for Effective Leadership and Management
Module 16: Quality Control, Safety, Performance Appraisal and Problem Employees
Required Reading:
Marquis, B.L. & Huston, C.J. (2015). Leadership Roles and Management Functions in
Nursing: Theory and Application, 8th ed. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.
Chapters 23, 24 & 25
Recommended Reading:
Institute of Medicine (1999). To Err is Human: Building A Safer Health System.
Washington, D.C.: National Academy Press
| | Student Response |
Objectives | Discuss concepts of quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. ...view middle of the document...

* Audit - systematic and official examination of a record, process, structure, environment, or account to evaluate performance. Auditing in health-care organizations provides managers with a means of applying the control process to determine the quality of services rendered. * Outcome - the end result of care. Outcome audits determine what results, if any, occurred as a result of specific nursing interventions for patients. * Process - measure how nursing care is provided. The audit assumes a connection between the process and the quality of care. * Structure - assume that a relationship exists between quality care and appropriate structure. A structure audit includes resource inputs such as the environment in which health care is delivered. It also includes all those elements that exist prior to and separate from the interaction between the patient and the health-care worker. * Total Quality Management - also referred to as continuous quality improvement (CQI). It assumes that production and service focus on the individual and that quality can always be better. Thus, identifying and doing the right things, the right way, the first time, and problem-prevention planning—not inspection and reactive problem-solving—lead to quality outcomes. * Pay for Performance - (P4P), also known as quality-based purchasing. P4P initiatives were created to align payment and quality incentives and to reduce costs through improved quality and efficiency. |
Application | Discuss the importance of quality control, and total quality management to the safe delivery of health care. | Your Thoughts: Quality control and total quality management encourages the setting of high standards to maximize quality instead of setting minimum safety standards. These processes encourage the creation of strategies that focus on creating a culture of safety; instead of focusing on individual errors, the need to make system-wide changes is sought after. |
reflection | What is your role and responsibility in providing safe health care to your patients? What resources/tools might you use to do so? | Role and Responsibilities: Assess and promote patient satisfaction whenever possible. Report any medical errors. Empower subordinates and followers to participate in continuous quality improvement efforts.Resources/tools: Root-cause analysis, benchmarking, critical-event analysis, standards, audits, TQM. |
Objectives | Describe the role of the Joint Commission and others in establishing standards of practice and clinical practice guidelines for health care. | Describe the role of the Joint Commission in overseeing organizational accountability to promote quality and patient safetyThe Joint Commission accredits more than 20,000 health-care organizations and programs in the United States. It has historically had a tremendous impact on planning for quality control in acute-care hospitals. The JC also maintains one of the nation’s most comprehensive...

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