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When most people look at certain images in the media of people, they come to a fairly quick response. These responses can be both positive and negative. The reason this topic had stood out among others was to see the impact of how these images do effect woman. This topic is important based solely on the fact that everyone should be comfortable in their own skin and the media has portrayed images of how everyone should look and feel about themselves. By using the article The Positive and Negative Media Image Effects on the Self which is based on experients done to test how woman react to certain body types in the media and how it effects their self esteem. After reading this ...view middle of the document...

A researcher by the name of Mussweiler is referenced to a model known as the selective accessibility model. This model takes place in three stages the first stage is finding a comparison target whether the model is thin or heavy. The second stage is similarity and dissimilarity comparison. The final stage is to evaluate one’s own abilities. In further research it showed that woman view moderate body types as possible selves where as the extreme body types they view a difference. Most of the self comparisons take place in a spontaneous matter and can result in assimilation. Most of the judgments of self are measured using a response mode. This can include a rating scale there are lower self ratings for thin models compared to heavy. Overall self esteem is based on the models size and the response mode.
The research overall in the article showed that seeing advertisement models can have both enhancing and lowering of a woman’s self esteem. In comparing one’s self to models there were two factors found. The first being the comparison standard is crucial in determing the assimilation and contrast effects. The second is that whether assimilation and contrast occurs depends on a self evaluative question and whether it is framed as a rating scale or...

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