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Partners Essay

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Case Analysis: Partners Healthcare System
Name: Christopher Kennick

The CIO Glaser published a paper listing best practices, which he called “durable ideas,” based on his decades of experience in implementing major systems. They are:
* A sound management framework: employ project management best practices, appropriately skilled personnel, and commonsense in the execution of the project.
* Centrality of processes: focus on improving the enterprise’s core business processes.
* Organizational partnerships: involve internal stakeholders throughout the life cycle of the project and ensure ...view middle of the document...

* Embedded research: conduct the research necessary to understand the range of business and technological implications of the project’s activities and anticipated deliverables; develop, identify, and deploy best practices throughout the life cycle of the project.
* Engage the field: communicate outside the enterprise with colleagues engaged in similar endeavors to cross-fertilize thinking and to incentivize personal staff development for the best possible outcomes.

1. Based on only what we read in the case, has IS organization at PHS applied its CIO’s ideas in implementing the EMR/CPOE systems?

Yes, they were very successful.

1. The history of implementation of EMR in some hospitals that eventually merged into the PHS extends all the way back to the late 1970s. This may explain why they implemented homegrown (or in-house developed) systems. What may be problems with this approach? What may be an alternative method?

Using homegrown systems could prevent the use of commercial systems. An alternate method could be using a customized commercial system.

2. Can we conclude from the case that the implementation of EMR/CPOE at PHS was successful?

Yes, because other affiliates were implemented into the system. Also, new researching findings resulted of it.

[ 1 ]. Glaser, J.P., “Seven Durable Ideas,” Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, May-June 2008, pp. 267-271.

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