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Momo Cheng
To get into a college should cost much money; therefore, lots of students would look for a part-time job for helping to share the burden of their parents. And other students who want to have a part-time job are mostly because they want to get some social experiences. However, the students who have a part-time job have less time to keep interpersonal relationship, stay healthy, and study.
To have a good interpersonal relationship in college is very important. Making good use of the time after ...view middle of the document...

To keep up the health is important but difficult to the students who have to work after school due to some reasons. First, the students who have to work after school might have to stay up to do their homework or reports; second, they might use their rest time to work; third, their immunity against disease might decrease. Therefore, it could be difficult for them to keep their health. Also they might sleep in classes or miss the classes because of insufficient rest and sleep as the result of long-time working after school.
To focus on studying is the duty of students; however, it is usually difficult to those students who have a part-time job. Most of those students have less time to prepare and review lessons. Furthermore, they don’t have the energy to study hard. Hence, they usually do their studies perfunctorily and their grades may be dissatisfying as well.
Working part time has both good and bad effects on students’ lifestyle; it depends on their attitudes to their work and studies. No matter how many negative effects of students’ having a part-time job, if they have the right concept about their studies and part-time jobs, they could learn more than they can

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