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Parole Essay

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How I describe the goals and conditions of parole is parolee’s who are released to the community for a period of parole supervision has Conditions of Parole set upon their release. Also parolee’s have special conditions for themselves they have to follow. Not one parolee is the same for conditions which is where special conditions come in. Every parolee has their own special conditions to meet their needs to help their chances of finishing parole.
An inmate becomes eligible for parole according to the type of sentence they received from the ...view middle of the document...

If an offender is serving a life sentence or a term or terms of 30 years or more he or she will become eligible for parole after 10 years.
When deciding whether to grant parole the Board for most considers all of the following factors nature of the offense, prior criminal history, program participation, length of time served, institutional record, and community support or opposition. Truth in sentencing laws is to reduce the possibility of early release from incarceration of an inmate. It requires offenders to serve a good portion of the prison sentence given by the court before being eligible for release. Previous policies which reduced the amount of time an offender served on a sentence, such as goodtime, earned-time and parole board release, are restricted or eliminated under truth-in-sentencing laws. The definition of truth in sentencing laws and amount of time required to be served are primarily determined by state laws, which vary by state.
In the state of Missouri that I know about you have to have good standing with everything and like two-thirds of your sentence has to be done before you get parole. But things change over time .

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