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Parliament Carries Out None Of Its Functions Adequately (

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Parliament carries out several responsibilities. One of parliaments functions is legislation, which is making laws, as it is the major legislative body in the UK. They represent the people, as well as they are legitimate , a scrutiny and can be held or hold others accountable. They also carry out other functions. There is a significant difference between the House of Lords and House of Commons. Which is that the House of Lords is not voted in unlike the House of Commons who are more legitimate as they are voted in.

Parliament is able to carry out its legislative function by passing acts of Parliament. The plans in which government are taking over the year in the queens speech, this is the legislative timetable. There is also an opportunity for the members bring forward their own bill , this is called the private members bill. Any legislation is thoroughly debated ...view middle of the document...

It carries out functions that show it is legitimate such as taking the country to war,they are the body which approves and sanctions major decisions for the nation. Such as now on the issue of the migrant crisis ,which the parliament have been discussing on how many they would allow into the country. Though this is a very controversial issue in the country in the moment they have the power to allow or not allow the migrants from Syria, regardless of what the country wants as they voted them in to take this decisions. The parliament is seen as illegitimate as the government commands a large majority in the House of Commons. As it does not mean those in power will be able to do what the people want as, if the government is the majority so can pass their legislation. The House of Lords is also said to lack democratic legitimacy.

The parliament is also representative, as it is said that they represent the whole of the UK geographically. It is said that the lords can aid in showing a wider political view and bigger public view on life. Though it is not representative on other aspects. As it does not show the social view of the UK, the major parties have an unfair representation in terms of MPs, such as the gender gap in representation. Though there have been recent changes to the House of Lords it still does not have the same representative functions as the House of Commons.

Parliament has a main role in scrutiny and the role of accountability. The parliament holds the government, prime minister and other ministers to account on their decisions and actions. This is done through various methods such as ministers questions, select committees , debates as well as whips. Parliament is able to expose the fallings of the government and cause change. Though the methods in which parliament to account are questionable, such as ministers questions. This has become somewhat of a game, as it does not really hold the government to account, and has no power. Ministers are also rarely held to account in parliament fully,it is also said that select committees have no real impact.

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