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Parkinson Essay

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Parkinson's Disease
Erick Magana
January 21 2014
Melvin Council

Parkinson's Disease
As people start to become more health conscious there are some illnesses that cannot be prevented or cured. As to say it was destined from some kind of deity. To be given a disease or a disability that one cannot recover from must be a horrible feeling, the thought of death around the corner or not being able to do the things that one could do with ease at one point in their life. Not like the thought of death of one day everyone will all die by an unsuspecting death. But to know that having three months, a year or two year two live. How can one not crumble and fall under depression as to quit ...view middle of the document...

The basal ganglia requires a proper balance of dopamine and acetylcholine and both are involved in the transmission of nerve impulses. Having Parkinson’s throws off the balance of the neurotransmitters. Therefore leaving a person unable to control movement normally. ("Understanding Parkinson’s Disease-The Basics", 2014)
The behavioral changes in one’s life with Parkinson’s disease is immense. One of the most obvious changes is how one would control there movements. So it would be difficult just to hold a glass of water. Another change would be their mood and would develop anxiety disorder. Mood disorders are common. Most common mood disorder is depression. “Anxiety disorders including generalized anxiety, social phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder are probably increased in PD, although there has been little research in this area. Many PD patients have anxiety symptoms due to legitimate concern about their chronic, progressive illness” (Behavioral Disturbances, 2004). Because of the disease people would generally stress about their condition constantly and therefore develop their own behavioral changes. ("Behavioral Disturbances In Parkinson’s Disease", 2004)
The cause of Parkinson’s could be environmental or genetic. Researchers do not have an exact answer to how people develop Parkinson’s disease. Many experts think that the disease is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, which may vary from person to person. Scientists have identified aging as an important risk factor; there is a two to four percent risk for Parkinson’s among people over age 60. Environmental risk contributing to Parkinson’s disease can be linked to rural living, well water, manganese and pesticides. There are people who are exposed to toxins and never develop a disease at all. With genetics it is stated that there is a about 15 to 25 percent of people with Parkinson’s report having a relative with the disease. Researchers have found that if a person has an affected relative, a first degree relative like a sister, brother or parent, that person has a nine percent chance of also inheriting the disease. ("Parkinson'S...

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