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Parcel Force Case Study

1479 words - 6 pages

2. Preparing 2
2.1Your lecture 2
2.2When you 2
3. Writing 3
4. Strategy 4
5.Referencing guidelines 4
5.1 What is detailed 4

Figure 1 3
Figure 2 4
Figure 3 5
(Bazar, 2008)

Assignment writing guidelines

1. Introduction
2. Preparing
3. Writing
4. Strategy
5. Referencing guidelines

1. Introduction

2. Preparing

2.1Your lecture notes will give you the basic framework ONLY of the ideas, theories and concepts you will need to complete the assignment. These notes will therefore NOT be sufficient on their own. You will need to make use of the required reading, extra references and any other material you come across in the ...view middle of the document...

See the referencing guidelines for details of how to reference academic work (Bazar, 2008).

Figure [ 1 ]

3. Writing
3.1 Make sure you have understood what the assignment is getting at and that you know how to complete it. In particular please be aware that no assignment will ask you just to write down everything you know about a subject area – instead it will require you to consider specific issues.
3.2 When evaluating different viewpoints, make sure you give each a `fair crack of the whip'. You can't produce a valid conclusion unless you have sorted through the arguments for each perspective in a balanced way - comparison often helps here.
3.3 Try to stick to the introduction/ discussion/ conclusion format in your essay - ie, set the context of the essay and outline the structure of your argument, cover the relevant material, and then tie the discussion up by summarizing what has been said and offering YOUR opinion on what the question is asking about, based on the sources you have used (Kramer, 2009).

3.4 Make sure you `operationalize your concepts' - a posh way of saying `define the terms you use'. However, don't go overboard - only `technical' terms (ie, that are not in common usage) need to be defined. In general, you should aim to write for a layperson – that is, someone who is not an expert in the area, but who will understand the relevant ideas if they are explained properly.
(v) You should provide evidence for all the assertions that you make during your assignment; that is, make reference to ideas, theories and concepts, empirical research and/ or experience of your own which support your claims.
(vi) Direct quotations are always good to see - they prove you have read the source in question for a start! However, again, don't go mad. A good rule of thumb is, if you can say it just as well yourself, then don't use a direct quotation - but if you do summarize what someone else is saying in your own words, don’t forget that you still need a reference because this is an indirect quotation.
(vii) Remember to cite the sources of ALL the ideas and quotations that you have used in-text. Also, don't forget to provide a full bibliography - and don't try and pad it out! Only list sources you have actually looked at. See the referencing guidelines, and ask for help if you are stuck.

Figure [ 2 ]
4. Strategy

4.1 Try to write in a structured way - that is, make sure that one point links clearly to the next. If you need to move on to new material, then try using constructions like `Moving on’ or `On a different issue’ at the start of the new point. Also make sure you link the sections of your argument together, so that your assignment is not just a series of points. Linking points make an assignment flow better.
4.2 You also need to try and paragraph properly. The most common tendency is to make paragraphs too short, which gives the assignment a bitty, fragmented feel. It is difficult to be prescriptive about...

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