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Paradigms Essay

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Three Paradigms

Grand Canyon University
Theoretical Foundations in Advanced Practice Nursing
NUR 502
Lori Rubio
November 22, 2014

Three Paradigms
Maslow’s human needs theory is described in stages. The stages are 1) physiological 2) safety 3) love and belonging needs 4) self esteem needs 5) self actualization needs 6) self transcendence needs. Human needs theory has the goal of attaining the sixth need of self-transcendence needs. In Maslow’s theory the goals happen in incremental steps for the individual to move onto the next step.
The unitary model explains things as all part of an ever ...view middle of the document...

It is directed toward the unitary human being and is concerned with the nature and direction of human development. The goal of the nurses is to participate in the process of change.”(Gill, 2014, para. 1)
In Kings general systems frameworks the interactive process is described as nursing focus is the care of the human being. Human beings are constantly interacting with their environment and people have certain abilities. Some of these abilities are: able to set goals, think, feel, choose, and to make decisions. In this theory the goal is “to help individuals maintain their health so they can function in their roles”(Current Nursing, 2012, para. 11).
My philosophy of nursing is best-fit Kings interactive process. I feel that individuals need to have a say in their care and should have an ability to make decisions. I work in Labor and Delivery and if you had no say in your care in the hospital, this would make us as a society go back in time to a very paternalistic time in medical care in America.

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