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Most evidence practice is a variety of several different components usually: research-based information, clinical expertise and patient preferences. (Schmidt, pg. 39) Evidence based practice takes into account scientific evidence, and clinical expertise and for many nurses it might seem a daunting task to keep abreast of the most recent evidence and journals. Over the years nurses have seen that practice is also based upon tradition, trial and error, and personal experiences. As a alternative to reading the most up to date journals, many nurses rely heavily on their ...view middle of the document...

40) Many nurses are so entrenched by the practice of tradition that they fail to question procedures or practices which could lead to changes based on evidence. If faced with a question of change, or rational of a procedure, evidence provides us with the rationale behind why we implement certain interventions as a response. In reality some nurses don’t want to think critically when providing care to their patients and tradition provides the perfect excuse in fulfilling a job function. Past experience in many instances has been valued more than evidence based practice. While experience provides nurses with more confidence, they are biased by tradition, authority, and trial and error.
Nurses can be apprehensive in implementing evidence based practice because many times it seems that there are so many issues to address that it might just be an overwhelming thought to think to just handle each issue with a critical eye. Nurses are commonly in very fast environments and are required to think quickly in order to save a patients life. When applying the same need to obtain a solution quickly it might just seem more practical to rely on past experiences instead of understanding new processes.

Schmidt, N. A., & Brown, J. M. (2009). Evidence-based practice for nurses: Appraisal and application of research. Sudbury, Mass: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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