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Monday, 14 April 2014 to Sunday, 25 May 2014
Winner of 2012 Sustainable Fashion Award: Leonie Oakes, ‘With Shadows that were their nightgowns’, 2012, maps, ephemera, antique paper, thread, letter press, screenprint, shellac, dye, ribbon. Model: Philly Hanson-Viney. Photographer: Bernie Carr
Winner of 2012 Sustainable Fashion Award: Leonie Oakes, ‘With Shadows that were their nightgowns’, 2012, maps, ephemera, antique paper, thread, letter press, screenprint, shellac, dye, ribbon. Model: Philly Hanson-Viney. Photographer: Bernie Carr

For the past 70 years Burnie has been a paper making town. The ...view middle of the document...

Burnie based artist, Pam Thorne, had for a long time harbored the idea of a competition for wearable paper art. In 2011 Pam and Burnie Arts Council approached the Burnie Regional Art Gallery with this idea. After some lively brain storming the paper on skin Betta Milk Burnie Wearable Paper Art Competition became a reality and the inaugural competition was held in May 2012.

The success was such that the involved parties decided to make this a biennial event.

The 2014 paper on skin Gala Parade & Award Evening was held on Friday 11 April.

Betta Milk Major Award:
Anzara Clark, There are Other ways of knowing ...

Betta Milk Runner Up Award:
Janine Morris, the very fabric of life is you, child

Honourable Mentioning:
Richie Ares Dona, Reflect

Honourable Mentioning:
Sally Atkins, The Dairymaid-Princess of Vaccinia Variola

Public Vote:
Joan Stammers: Burnie Bride of Yesteryear

Glynis Jones, Curator fashion & dress, Powerhouse Museum
Joanna Gair, Artist, Exhibitions Coordinator - UTAS Cradle Coast Campus
Kym Bywater, Artist, Dress and Theatre Costume Designer

The Betta Milk Burnie Wearable Paper Art Competition is run by the Burnie Arts Council, a branch of Tasmanian Regional Arts in collaboration with the Burnie Regional Art Gallery's artsUNEARTHED Program. Burnie Arts Council is now in its 64th year of making arts happen on the North West Coast of Tasmania.

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