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Paper On Fantasy

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Tolkien's trilogy "Lord of the Rings" and J.K. Rowling's book series "Harry Potter" are known by all over the world. The Harry Potter books are a boy called Harry Potter who Lord Voldemord, also known as "The Dark Lord" tried to kill when Harry was a toddler. Harry did not die by Voldemord's curse, and that is what makes Harry Potter so special, he is "the boy who lived". Since Voldemord failed to kill Harry, he wants to come back and kill again. In the books we Follow Harry and his two friends, Ron and Hermione on their adventure to make an end to Voldemord.
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Dumbledore, an old great wizard who is Harry's mentor. In Lord of the Rings we have Gandalf. Gandalf is quite similar to Dumbledore, he is a great wizard too. They are both wise, and they always seem to know what to do. Lord Voldemord, has used a form of magic, called "Horcrux" Which is a spell that puts a piece of your soul into an abject. Harry, Hermione and Ron is trying to destroy these horcruxes so they can kill Voldemord. These horcuxes are queer objects and difficult to destroy. when possessing one of the horcruxes, Harry and his two friends changed behaviour in a bad way. In LOTR the only way to stop Sauron is to destroy the ring, which is very difficult too, and by possessing it, your behaviour will change.
The main character in LOTR is Frodo. Frodo and Harry are both orphans, and they are both mentored by and old, wise wizard with a long beard. The nemesis of these main characters are Lord Voldemord and Sauron, both "Dark Lords" on their journey to defeat their nemesis, they both have to fight agains cruel and scary creatures, such as giant spiders, orcs and trolls, they also have to destroy an object or object to destroy their nemesis.
LOTR is taking place in another universe where in HP the magical world is co-existing with our world. These two stories are very different, yet they still have a lot of similarities.

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