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Paper 1

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The Greatest Achievements of Human Kind Matrix
It goes without saying that humans have had some remarkable achievements over the course of humankind. For this assignment, please identify 3 projects and 3 programs that represent some of these great achievements. For each achievement, complete the matrix below and provide justification in project management terms on why you think this achievement is either a project or a program in 25-30 words. This description should provide some specifics about schedule, cost, key stakeholders, uniqueness, specific objectives (requirements).
Achievement Number |Name of Achievement |Established objective
(yes or no) |Defined beginning and end
(yes or no) |Involvement of several functional departments or specialties
(yes or no) |Unique
(yes or no) |Specific time, cost and performance requirements
(yes or no) |Project or Program.
25-30 word justification for this classification ...view middle of the document...

25-30 word justification for this classification |Instructor Comments | |1 |Roman Colossuem |YES |YES |YES |YES |YES |Project: The Colossuem project began to promote public welfare and as an atmosphere for the people of Rome to enjoy entertainment. The project had clear requirements, but also clear beginning and ends times starting construction in 72AD. The Colossuem still stands today and at the height of the roman empire, demonstrated the power and majesty of the roman empire. | | |2 |The Great Pyramids at Giza |YES |YES |YES |YES |YES |Project: The Great Pyramids at Giza were built in an amazing span of 85 years around 2500BC. The pyramids were made for funeral services and then became an area of worship. The pyramids had a clear timeframe and were very unique. | | |3 |Hoover Dam |YES |YES |YES |YES |YES |Project- The hoover dam was under construction between 1931 and 1936 and the main purpose was for power, flood control and water usage for domestic use. The hoover dam is much defined and is unique being it was the world largest hydroelectric power station. | | |4 |Apache Helicopter |Yes |NO |YES |YES |YES |Program- The Apache helicopter is one of the most high tech helicopters Boeing makes. It requires various inputs from several different business units and parts from thousands of different suppliers. | | |5 |Boeing 787 |Yes |NO |YES |YES |YES |Program- The Boeing 787 plane is Boeing’s newest and most expensive commercial aircraft to date. The aircraft is already breaking records like flying over 100 different routes that have never been flown before. It always requires millions of various parts from several different companies and a very smart AI to make sure the parts are delivered on time. | | |6 |Chevy Corvette |Yes |NO |YES |YES |YES |Program- The Chevy Corvette is Chevy’s fastest production car that requires inputs from several different business units, as well as a smart business strategy from the design of the car to the actual production of the car from various machines to the people that work on the car. | | |

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