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Papa Essay

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Larry A. Shervington Jr.
PHI 314
PAPA Term Paper

Richard Mason developed the “PAPA” model as a way of characterizing ethics and moral compass as they relate to the information technology industry. As we further progress deeper into the era of information technology these ethics become a more prevalent part of our daily lives. From education and banking to medical and motor vehicles, information technology has now become as much of a constant in human life as ever. It’s because of this rapid growth and integral involvement in every aspect of how we as humans choose to live that we must take into consideration the intentions of how we ethically or unethically choose to use the technology that continues to develop before our eyes.
Privacy as it pertains to information technology is very relevant and important in today’s society. With inventions like “The Cloud”, Email, and online banking it is very easy for people to have their privacy violated. I have had an ...view middle of the document...

How do we determine where to draw the line between allowing access to our personal information for greater security and keeping private things we feel no one but ourselves should be able to access? Currently the ECPA allows the government to obtain access to digital communications including email, Facebook messages, information sitting in your public cloud provider's databases, and a variety of other files, with only a subpoena and not a warrant once those items are 180 days old. Many people have old social media accounts that they have just stopped using for one reason or another. Although those accounts are no longer in use by the individual, wouldn’t they still be concerned if someone besides themselves were to access that account? I think so.
Patents and copyrights were both created to protect someone’s property. From movies to textbooks the protection is there so someone other than the originator cannot use the property as if it were their own. Sites like Napster and Morpheus violate information technology property rights by allowing its users to “share” files online of copyright protected movies, music, and text. I have recently received informational pamphlets from Verizon informing users of their service the stance they take on copyright infringement. They also state that they do monitor for such use and Intellectual Property theft of this nature is not considered acceptable use of their products.
Who is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of information we find online? How do we protect ourselves when our online identities are violated? Things like credit reports play a big role in how we operate and what we are able to access. But what if this information about us isn’t correct? The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act or FACTA was established in 2003 and is a resolution aimed at protecting online identities. They have created a nationwide alerts system and provided free access to credit reports annually for anyone that wishes to check on their status.
Richard Mason’s PAPA model has laid the foundation upon which many different laws, policies, resolutions, and other standards have been developed. As the Information Technology industry continues to grow this ethical foundation will continue to be developed and leaned upon.

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