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Page Essay

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1) What is a system unit?
System unit is a case that contains electronic components of the computer used to process data. System units are available in variety of shapes and sizes. The case of the system unit, sometimes called the chassis, is made of metal or plastic and protects the internal electronic components from damage. All computers have a system unit.

2) Give the 5 components of a system unit.
i) Processor
ii) Memory
iii) Adapter cards
iv) Drive bays
v) The power supply.

3) Explain briefly what a motherboard is.
The motherboard, sometimes called a system board, is the main circuit board of the system unit. Many ...view middle of the document...

Computer-Aided Design : Autodesk AutoCAD
f. Desktop Publishing (DTP) Software : Adobe PageMaker
g. Paint/Image Editing Software : Adobe Photoshop
h. Video Editing Software : Windows Movie Maker
i. Sound Editing Software : Sony ACID Pro
j. Web Page Authoring Software : Macromedia Dreamweaver

9) What is the difference between shareware and freeware software?

Freeware | Shareware |
-Copyrighted software provided at no cost by an individual or a company that retains all rights to the software | -Copyrighted software that is distributed at no cost for a trial period |
-Since it’s free, the software has no charge | -Shareware developers trust users to send payment if software use extends beyond the stated trial period |

Web based email | Email clients |
Web-based email is viewable only through a Web browser. It does not require any sort of stand-alone software. | An email client is a stand-alone program that allows for the viewing of email messages.
You can view it on any computer with a working Web browser. | If you are using an email service that operates only through client software, you will not be able to check your email on any computer you encounter. |
10) What is difference between email software/client and web based email?

11) Define operating system
An operating system (OS) is a set or programs containing in instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources.

12) What is a command line interface? Why is it sometimes s problem using it?
Command line interface is where a user types commands or presses special keys on the keyboard enter data and instructions. A problem using it because it requires exact spelling, grammar and punctuation.


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