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P4 Describe, With Examples, The Impact Of Government Policies On Different Public Services

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P4 Describe, with examples, the impact of government Policies on different public services.
British army
The government will take cuts from the amount of power the British army has, this means that the army would have limited amount they can do to win wars and help other countries with their problems. The British Army presence in Germany will end by 2020 this means that The Basing Plan sets out the location changes for the Army and also confirms the drawdown of all units from Germany by 2020. The plan has transitioned into a delivery Programme and this will affect most areas of the Army as more than 100 units will relocate over the next six years. Overall personnel numbers will drop by ...view middle of the document...

Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft procurement will go ahead, as will the Airbus A400M. These aircraft, along with the current C-17s, will form the future air transport fleet. The VC-10 and Tristars are approaching the end of their services lives and the C-130 fleet will be retired 10 years earlier than planned this will save money on if the C-130 fleet gets damaged and the aircraft will take its place because it was cheaper to make and it can be used for multi- use purposes. .

Royal navy
The government has also cut back on the amount power the Royal Navy for example The Royal Navy flagship aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal will be decommissioned "almost immediately" rather than in 2014 this mean that they can’t afford to use these because of the cuts that the government are doing to the Royal Navy. The Joint Force Harrier aircraft will be retired this means that the joint force harrier aircraft is not needed anymore and something new would take its places. Both of these measures will help save money for the cost of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers.
Also the cuts on helicopter will be made for example Either HMS Ocean or HMS Illustrious will not be used anymore, whichever is not capable as a helicopter carrier.
The Royal Navy will delay making more ships and planes to help save money for example Replacement of the UK's nuclear deterrent based on Royal Navy Vanguard class submarines will be delayed by four years, saving £750...

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