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P3 P4 M2 D2 Essay

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P4- Outline key legislation and regulations, which govern safeguarding adult work.

Key legislations and regulations which govern safeguarding adults workIn health and social care this means: | M2- Describe legislations and regulations in health and social care used to reduce the risk of two types of abuse. PHYSICAL ABUSE | M2- Describe legislations and regulations in health and social care used to reduce the risk of two types of abuse.SELF HARM |
Safeguarding vulnerable groups Act 2006This legislation is to ensure that people who work with vulnerable people such as babies, children and elderly adults should be checked with the ISA to see who is not allowed to work with children this may ...view middle of the document...

| |
Sexual offences Act 1976This legislation is taken into account in a health and social care setting to make sure that no one is forced into any sexual actions without their consent this includes rape which is defined as a penis being forcefully inserted into someone’s vagina/mouth/anus without their permission or when they are unconscious. | | This legislation ensures that vulnerable adults are not forced into sexual acts that they do not approve of, being forced to be part of sexual act may lead to the person being mentally scarred from what they had to face and may lead to them self harming and falling into depression because of the trauma of what they had experienced. |
Care standards Act 2000The care standards ensure that people that are in care are in an environment that is fit for them and receive the care they require. This also ensures that care homes are not in a poor condition. This act also ensures that all health and social care environments adhere to the small rules and legislations | Being physically abused could also fall under making them live in poor conditions or not meeting their individual needs. This legislation makes sure that their individual needs are met and they are given the right kind of care and the correct environment to live in. | This act ensures that the person is given the right standards of care and therefore they are monitored well and reviewed frequently to notice if they are acting different which will mean that they could prevent the person from harming him or herself. |
The Care Homes (adult placements) (amendment) Regulations 2003This is to make sure that adults in care are given the minimum standard of care. | | |
The mental health act 1983 This ensures that patients that are in hospital because of a mental disorder have rights of their own, their family’s rights and choices they are allowed to make and allows you to give consent to any medication. | | The mental health act allows families to get involved and provide help for a vulnerable adult that they think may be causing harm to themselves. |
Mental capacity Act 2005This legislation allows people with a poor mental health to make decisions for themselves wherever possible or given the aid to be able to make choices of their own. | | |
Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (amended 2005 and by disability equality act 2006)This legislation ensures that people with a disability are not discriminated because of what they have and this legislation covers mental illness too and not just physical conditions. | | This allows individuals with a disability not to be discriminated against because being discriminated for their disability could potentially lead to feeling isolated and different to others, this could lead to the person wanting to self harm and cause harm to themselves, this...

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