P2 Describe The Different Stakeholders Who Influence The Purpose Of Two Contrasting Businesses

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P2 - Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses.
Introduction: In this task I will be going to describe how different stakeholders influence the purpose of Apple and McDonald.
What is a stakeholder?
A stakeholder is anyone who has a keen interest in that business.
Who are the stakeholder in both businesses?
The stakeholders in both businesses can be internal or external and this applies to Apple and McDonalds. External stakeholders are groups or individual who are not a part of the business
* Suppliers
* Customers
* Shareholders
* Society
* Govt.
* Employees
* Manager
* Owners of ...view middle of the document...

The Govt. also wants that businesses take in consideration the welfare of society before taking any actions.

* Shareholders – shareholders of Apple are interested in a good return on their investments and taking part in making decisions. The influence of the shareholders can be positive and negative, the positive influence would be that they could invest more money into Apple while the negative influence would be that they could take the money out of Apple and invest them somewhere else if they are not satisfied.
* Customers – if the Apple customer is satisfied with the store experience and the product that he purchased then the individual will recommend the business, in this case Apple, to his family and friends. By doing this Apple would have got a new loyal customer. However if the customer is not happy with the experience and the product then he/she will talk bad about the business and this will lead to Apple creating a bad impression in the business world.
* Suppliers – Suppliers will influence on how Apple...

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