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P1 Unit 2 Business Dimploma Btec

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P1: Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation.

If JDSport are looking to recruit workers to be behind the till and on the shop floor,.
1. they will advertise the job role, they can do this in many ways nowadays.
2. They can advertise the vacancy in a newspaper,
3. posters,
4. website,
5. web adverts.
As the job role does not require very skilled and qualified people.
The recruitment process will be a lot faster. When JD Sport advertise the vacancy they will need to include
• the job description and all duties that will be expected,
• A job description sets out the purpose of a job, where the job fits into the organisation structure, the main responsibilities of the job and the key tasks to be performed.

Describe what job description is
Job description is very important part of recruitment process. It always ...view middle of the document...

Person specification
Person Specification
A person specification is a profile of the ideal candidate for the job. It enables potential candidate to determine whether they meet the required experience and qualifications. It also helps employees to identify requirements for the job. A person specification will help during interviews and it will also help to be used as a basis for staff development, appraisals and promotions.

What is it for your job?

The person specification is an related document that sets out the „essential‟ and any „desirable‟ skills, qualifications, and experience the post holder needs in order to perform the duties of the job, and is closely linked with the job description. Here the emphasis is on the attributes that are required and it is important to get this right. Once the criteria have been established and the post advertised, they cannot be changed. An appointment panel or committee should not turn from the person specification during the selection process, as adding or removing criteria at a later stage could lead to claims of discrimination.

Explain the purpose

Essential v Desirable
When constructing a person specification you will need to decide whether the attributes you require are „essential‟ or „desirable‟ but in either case they must be clear, specific and measurable:

• Essential criteria – these are attributes that must be in place on day one. Candidates must demonstrate in their application that they meet the essential criteria in order to be shortlisted.
• Desirable criteria – skills, knowledge or experience that is useful or necessary for the job, but not from day one. A person could acquire these after they have been appointed (for example through training or experience over time). Care should be taken in wording the criteria. Focus on job-related experience, skills and knowledge that is specific and can be measured or assessed. See the Good Practice guide below.

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