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P1 Training In The Workplace Unit 17

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Competency Framework Grid
A competency is how successful or efficient someone is able to do a specific job.
Working with the Team Customer Service Communication Skills
Level 1:
Entry Level, first job
Acts in a fair and respectful way when dealing with others.
Ask open questions to appreciate others’ point of view.
Put forward their own views in a clear and constructive manner, choosing an appropriate communication method.
Write clearly in plain simple language and check work for spelling and grammar. A customer may feel as if they need help to find a specific product or service as they may not be used to the company
Will listen to the views of customers and act sensitively with ...view middle of the document...

A supervisor will be very skilled when it comes to communication skills as they need have had experience of leading a team and communicating with all members of the group.

Level 4:
Manager of a department or division
The employee will have a lot of experience of working in a group at this point, as they will be the one organising staff meetings and running staff training sessions. The employee will also be working with higher managers and will have to communicate with them to pass on any information and come to an overall conclusion about a situation. As a manager, the employee’s main job concerning customers will be to deal with any complaints that they may have and resolve the complaint. A manager won’t usually deal with customers but will be available if an employee needs help with answering a customer’s question. The employee will have lots of experience with communication skills as they would have spent many years with the company and would have developed all the skills needed to communicate with other employees and managers efficiently.
Level 5:
Senior Executive
At this level the employee will have years of experience as a manager and will know the ins and outs of the company. The employee will be able to work within a team very efficiently, as they need to communicate with other executives, managers and supervisors. A senior executive will very rarely deal with customers, yet they deal with the business’ stakeholders. They will have previous experience with dealing with customers that they will be able to use when dealing with stakeholders. A senior executive will have very good communication skills that they have gained from years of experience. This will help them to communicate with other managers, employees, stakeholders and interviewing applicants.

Level 1
At this level an employee will not feel very confident around their colleagues and customers as they don’t have enough experience to offer an input or advice. The employee may feel left out with the other employees as they will not know everyone yet and be unconfident around the workplace, which will result in communication breakdown with the employee often feeling embarrassed if they don’t fulfil a task as described. After a few months of experience and training the employee will start to feel more confident so will be able to communicate well with peers and offer help to customers.

Level 2
After a years of experience the employee will feel very comfortable around colleagues, customers and even managers. They will have a lot of knowledge about the company know and will be able to answer any questions that customers have an also offer advice. The employee will be very familiar with the workplace so will be able to follow simple instructions from their employers if they ask them to fetch something from the backrooms. At this point they will feel comfortable enough to offer advice to new employees and help to give them a better understanding of the company....

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